WELCOME TO OWLYHUNGA We are in the midst of owl fever. You have until 6 May to see our beautiful owls plus visit all of our amazing shops, cafes and services. 

For more information on what you can find in Owlyhunga visit our business directory.

The Big Hoot lands in Onehunga

Win an eBike with Onehunga Business Association and Dress-Smart

DINING From award-winning cafes and the freshest food on-the-go, to the old fashioned pub and everything in between, dining in Onehunga boasts a huge range of different cuisines. There’s something for everyone! Check out our Discover Eating in Onehunga brochure here.

ONEHUNGA’S HERITAGE Discover Onehunga’s rich heritage – take a walk around the many historic buildings and explore Onehunga. Read more…

SHOPPING For serious shoppers, Onehunga is THE place to discover outlet shopping and other treasures. Home to the Onehunga Mall Mainstreet shopping zone and Dress-Smart. There’s plenty of FREE parking.

Check out our Discover Shopping in Onehunga brochure here.

Check out our Discover Automotive in Onehunga brochure here.