Perfect Walk For A Low Tide


Explore Cape Horn and the Himalayas all in the same day! The Puketapapa Coast walk, described by NZ Herald writer Diane Clement in “Auckland: The forgotten coast“, has reserves named after both.

This is an 11 kilometre walk  from Blockhouse Bay back towards Onehunga along the almost completed Manukau Coastal Walkway.

As with other coastal walks in the area, this walk is also best done at  low tide!  (Check this site for low tide times and select Onehunga as your port. )

For further info on the Manukau Harbour and Manukau Coastal walks see Auckland Council’s website.


Writer Diane Clement’s route is mapped here by the author. In the 3D version above, control the buttons at top right for dizzying views of the route. Pause the video and pan about to catch your breath!


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