Onehunga Text Alerts


Onehunga Business Association members can sign up for free Security Text Alerts to be alerted to be sent descriptions of thieves operating in Onehunga town centre and other security threats.

The service aims to help stamp out thefts in Onehunga town centre, following a rise in incidence of shoplifting and thefts of personal property from both retail and commercial businesses.

Using this service, the OBA can alert members instantly to thieves operating in the area so businesses can be on the look-out for these security threats. For this service to work and be of value to members, we depend on businesses to contact us with good descriptions of thieves immediately following an incident!

Help us keep on top of crime in Onehunga. Contact us with good descriptions of thieves or security risks immediately following an incident and we‘ll send out a text to warn other businesses.

PHONE Onehunga Business Association on 09 636-8535 with details including: Sex, Height / Build / Hair colour and length, Ethnicity, Age, Distinguishing features eg: tattoos, What they’re wearing, Other details eg: bags, hats, sunglasses, Description of people they‘re with. Your info will also help the Onehunga Security Guard and Police apprehend thieves and others who represent a security threat in the area.


Subscribe to Onehunga Text Alerts – Free for members

Onehunga town centre businesses, members of the Onehunga Business Association, are invited to subscribe to Onehunga Business Association’s Security Text Alert service. Each business can register the name and mobile number of up to two people to receive text alerts. We suggest one of those people is the business’s owner or manager and the other could be someone who works at the business full time. Phone 636 8535 or email to sign up or make enquiries.


For great advice on making you safe in your business, read New Zealand Police’s Business Crime Prevention publication. Stop by Onehunga Business Association for a copy or read it online here: 

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