The Onehunga Business Association (OBA) is incorporated under the Societies Act 1908 and is governed according to its constitution. This is overseen by an Executive Committee comprising five to nine elected OBA members. There is also a nominated representative of the Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board alongside the Town Manager.

The OBA’s executive committee sets strategy, approves budgets, ensures that member funds are properly invested towards meeting OBA objectives, and ensures that OBA management meets agreed performance objectives. The Executive holds 10 monthly meetings at the OBA office (there are no meetings in December/January), and an Annual General Meeting is held in October each year, at which time a new committee is elected by the members.

The elected executive votes itself a Chair, a Deputy Chair, and appoints a member as Treasurer.

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2022-23 Executive Committee:

Rob Kilpatrick

Chairperson & Developer

I'm committed to seeing a flourishing commercial centre in a well designed and people friendly community. I want to see a diverse and happy community for my kids and grandkids.


Tom Bretherton

Deputy Chair & Landlord


Neil Punja

Treasurer & Landlord

I joined the Executive Board of the Onehunga Business Association as an active landlord in the area. I have a keen interest in Town Centre revitalisation and truly believe that Onehunga is a great and well established place to do business and to meet our community needs. Being on the Board enables a collaborative approach to listen and represent the voices of our members for the betterment of Onehunga.


Linh Luong


As the Centre Manager for Dress Smart, I am proud to be associated with the OBA and to contribute where I am able to delivering the best outcome for local businesses within this community.


Sheena Tavioni

Tav Pacific


Jojo Ross



Simon Murphy

Slabs Pizza


As a small business owner, I'm keen to ensure that other small organisations in our area are well-represented and that the OBA is working hard to make Onehunga a great place to do operate.

David Burt

Autotreads Onehunga


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