The Onehunga Business Association (OBA) team consists of Amanda Wellgreen, Town Manager,  Laura Hulbert, Administration & Membership Manager, Angela Corbett, Events & Communications, and Tevita Tu’ifua, Community Liaison Officer.

Key aspects of day-to-day operations include managing an extensive network of CCTVs, liaising with businesses and community groups, and advocacy with various local and national stakeholders for improvements to the area. The OBA also runs marketing and promotions of the Onehunga town centre, manage the Onehunga social media (FacebookTwitterInstagram) and organise a suite of events to bring people into the area such as the Onehunga Christmas Parade, Onehunga Festival and the Onehunga Arts Festival. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.

The OBA team (L-R) Laura Hulbert, Angela Corbett, Tevita Tu'ifua and Amanda Wellgreen

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