The Onehunga Business Association (OBA) oversees Onehunga’s brand and reputation, is an advocate for business across local and central government and provides proactive security for our members.

The Onehunga Business Association is investigating the expansion of the Business Improvement District (BID) boundary which currently includes mainly retail and hospitality businesses in the town centre. Many businesses sit outside the existing boundary and are missing out on the benefits of being part of the association.

What Are The Onehunga BID Benefits To Your Business?

Local economic development:

  • Onehunga's look & feel - Making Onehunga a more appealing place to work and visit
  • Business directory for all OBA members
  • Professional local networking connections

Security services:

  • Regular and coordinated security patrols throughout the district
  • CCTV network expansion throughout the district
  • Graffiti management
  • Illegally dumped rubbish management

Brand and promotions:

  • Onehunga social media
  • Website
  • Promotions of Onehunga to wider Auckland community
  • Internal communications - monthly digital newsletters


  • Member events including workshops and networking
  • Community-focused events

Advocacy services with central and local government with a focus on:

  • Local economic benefits for business
  • Transport
  • Effects from building development on the district
  • Physical landscape and environment
  • Zoning of property - commercial vs residential


  • Waste audits
  • Extensive recycling information
  • Inorganic waste collections
  • Food waste collection service

Expanding the BID boundary means we will have the resources to act more quickly and decisively for all businesses in Onehunga.

Endorsements of the OBA

The Onehunga Business Association has been critical in the success of Everybody Eats operation in Onehunga. Before we decided to relocate to the area we contacted the OBA who were incredibly helpful and forthcoming with information, encouraging us to come and be part of this vibrant community. The support we have received since, from spreading the word to recruiting volunteers has been so important for us and we cannot thank them enough. The work they are doing to support the community is very impressive and we support their proposed expansion.
Nick Loosley
Everybody Eats

The Onehunga Business Association has supported my pharmacy since we established. It has provided me access to a network of local contacts, has engaged our wider community in strategic events and promotions and helps Onehunga town centre to be a great destination for our customers.

Ross Mudafar
Onehunga Family Pharmacy

Onehunga Business Association has made a huge positive difference in the business community and in the wider community.
They have run various events a lot of which I have attended both in my professional capacity e.g. Business Networking Events and in a personal capacity i.e. The Culinary Crawl.
Particularly during Covid-19 lockdowns they were nothing but supportive and uplifting and made a huge effort to pass helpful information on to businesses in the area.
The OBA's work has made a huge difference in Onehunga in the past and their work continues to be vital to the area's future and business viability.
Angela Kirk
Humphries & Associates

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