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The East West Link is a much needed structure to provide for vehicle movements between and around Onehunga and surrounding areas. The link will provide connections between SH1 and SH20, Port and Airport. This will relieve the heavy congestion being experienced on the local road network.

Currently NZTA have provided a feedback document, however this does not show the actual impact around Gloucester Park Road and the proposed interchange nor the Onehunga Harbour Road, Orpheus Drive and the Onehunga Wharf connections. The suggested proposal impact around this area is significant and there are concerns as to whether we need to extend such structures so far from the East West Link itself.

Following discussions we have come up with an alternative option that will be less intrusive and provide the area with the much needed connection whilst not destroying all the good work associated with the restored foreshore.
We propose any interchange needs to happen in the upper harbour area around the Galway Street area. This area can be mitigated will not be intrusive visually and will protect the port connection.

Feedback Re the East West Link


Email: eastwest@nzta.govt.nz
Freephone: 0508 NZTA EWL (0508 698 2395)
Website: www.nzta.govt.nz/east-west

Date: 15 July 2016

Thank you for this opportunity to feedback on the proposed East West Link. I would like to acknowledge NZTA’s engagement programme and would like to support the East West Link as an important piece in the puzzle to moving people and goods in the ultimate goal of a positive economic result for all. The potential influence on our community is also supported by possible new jobs and opportunities plus an additional bonus for the residential community to reclaim their local roads.

While there is a drive to move people onto public transport, there needs to be a recognition that Onehunga/Penrose is an industrial area that provides a strong economic return to the area, Auckland region and nationally and is of significance to the ongoing economic viability of the region. By moving or ‘pushing’ an ‘industrial/working’ area out of the city centre more infrastructure will need to be provided to move staff to and from, goods to and from and it takes away the ability of an area to be fully functioning i.e. residential, educational, medical and employment.

The importance of this link to bring value to the region is one of many discussions, however to the local community the discussion is also about connectivity, mitigation and usability without taking away what has been achieved over the last few years.

This proposal has the effect of putting all the construction behind the industrial area of Onehunga where it is sheltered by the land level & industrial buildings. The 2 fly overs would be sheltered from the south by the elevation of the existing SH20 bridge. The disruption to the existing roading system during construction would be minimal compared to NZTA’s current proposal. The traffic into Onehunga from the south will directed via the roundabout onto Onehunga Mall so that we won’t have a major problem with Galway St. The problems of the narrowness of Galway St the potential for long periods of closures due to train movements makes it impractical to have this as the main offramp roading artery into the retail area. It does mean the destruction of the nearly completed office building at the bottom of Onehunga Mall on land which was originally owned by NZTA is now the only real casualty to a sensible solution both economically & environmentally.

Main areas of focus are the Port and the interchange.

1. Clear access to the Port
a. Local roading network has clear access to the port
b. Suggested Galway interchange allows for local road and connection without the need for the EWL traffic to be included in this area
2. Interchange that is connected by Galway St
a. Question the need to have an interchange at Gloucester Park road
b. Negative impact of a Gloucester Park interchange visually on the restored foreshore and surrounding area
c. Galway St area on the harbour is green space and allows for the configuration to be adapted to the environment
d. SH20 already has space for flyover connection bottom of Galway Street
e. Direct connection with SH20 at Mangere end east to South connection
f. Direct connection from South (Mangere) to east from SH20
g. Entry East from Galway St
h. Visually this area will be screened from the Mangere Bridge area, the Industrial area of Galway will mask from Onehunga visually and visually from south the impact is lessened by the distance across the water and again the main visual is from Industrial commercial operators.
i. Closure of existing Onehunga offramp
j. Combining of the pedestrian/local road & potentially light rail bridge to Mangere
k. Off ramp to Onehunga would come off the new bridge which links to the East-West route dropping into the revised roundabout at the bottom of Onehunga Mall.

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