Set up as a not-for-profit support for cafes and other small businesses during the first round of Covid-19 lockdown, SOS Business allows you to buy vouchers now that can be redeemed at the participating venues in the future when you can sit down and enjoy the food/services. They make a great gift for friends and family or even a work team.

Please consider supporting some of our great cafes that have signed up and are finding it very hard to retain staff and pay rents over this time.

Local Onehunga eateries that are currently involved are:

The Chang Gaow


Food Me-n-u

Little Industry Cafe

Luscious Cafe

The Bramble

Spice Traders

Support our local businesses by purchasing a voucher now and redeeming it later.  

If your business and would like to benefit from SOS Cafe, register here.  There are no fees for registering, just the fees credit card companies charge on the voucher purchases.

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