In late 2019 Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency began work on dismantling the existing Old Mangere pedestrian bridge to provide a brand new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy.

Good news is that, despite lock downs and impacts of the pandemic, the bridge is estimated to be open in August/September this year. 

Here are some images from the final stages of the build of the bridge from 7 July 2022.

Kahawhai fish provided the inspiration for the bridge's colour palette
Inspired by fish scales. The high tide mark is estimated to just hit the concrete
Installing the railings and banisters

If you require any further information please visit:

Download the March 2022 project update from Waka Kotahi.

Here are some photos to show the progress of construction in May 2021:

Building a cofferdam
Inside the cofferdam
Getting ready to hoist the bridge deck
Bridge deck is shifted into place
Preparing for a concrete pour inside a cofferdam
Here's a concrete pile prepared earlier
The old bridge is simultaneously being deconstructed as the new bridge is being built

Exclusion Zone in the Manukau Harbour

Demolition of the old bridge and construction of the new bridge was planned so that access to the Upper Māngere Inlet could be maintained during the project. However, due to the deteriorated condition of the old bridge which was not fully known at the start of the project, it has been deemed there is a high health and safety risk should access under the old bridge remain open.

Safety is a priority for Waka Kotahi and McConnell Dowell. As a result of the high safety risk, a 24/7 exclusion zone will be in place around the work area from Wednesday 10 June.

While the boat ramp at the end of Coronation Road will remain open, the exclusion zone means it will not be possible to access the Upper Māngere Inlet from pontoons and boat ramps located west of the Old Māngere Bridge.

Waka, kayak and small craft that are launched within the Upper Māngere Inlet can still enjoy this waterway but access under the old bridge and through the construction area into the Manukau Harbour will be closed.

A five-knot speed limit is also in place around the exclusion zone. We are asking for the community to stay at least 50 metres away from the area wherever possible and take extra care when using the boat ramp at the end of Coronation Road. Buoys will mark the exclusion zone but for safety reasons they will be removed when the team is working.

Waka Ama, the Harbourmaster, local yacht/sailing clubs and the sea scouts along with representatives from Auckland Council and Panuku have been advised of the implementation of this exclusion zone. We will also be sending an e news update to our project subscribers along with updated information boards located at the Coronation Road boat ramp. We will also be speaking with the local newspapers regarding this information being included in a future edition to help spread the word amongst the community.

As soon as the demolition team are able to safely reopen access through the area we will update you. Demolition of the old bridge is expected to be completed later in the year and the new bridge will be finished in 2022.

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