Your boat must comply with the following rules and there are no exceptions:

  • Boats must be registered by 30 January
  • Each boat must be made solely of cardboard or corflute held together with duct tape, glue or cable ties or other fixings
  • There will be no use of floatation or strengthening materials such as inflated bags or wood
  • Boats may be painted. This paint must be waterproof, so as not to wash off in the lagoon
  • Designs can be as elaborate as you like (i.e. from a simple raft to a replica of the Titanic)
  • Boat crew must wear life jackets (Sea Scouts can loan these on the day)
  • Boats are to be self-powered (paddles or oars)
  • Boat crews to supply a name for their boat
  • Boat crew to supply names and contact details of entrants
  • One boat per entry
  • If your boat disintegrates in the lagoon, entrants must retrieve all the materials from the water 
  • Entrants must remove all their boat materials at the end of the race and dispose them thoughtfully away from the venue. Please do not use festival waste receptacles
  • Boats will race from one side of the lagoon (north, by the pylon close to the toilets) to the other side (south) 
  • Entrants agree to being photographed and their photographs will be used by the Onehunga Business Association, Aotea Sea Scouts, Onehunga Community News etc for publication or promotion in print or digital media.

Any questions or enquiries regarding the rules can be directed to Race Director Stephen Lasham, Aotea Sea Scouts.

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