Have you thought about floating a boat made of cardboard across a piece of water? How about then getting into the boat and paddling? 

Onehunga is hosting the first cardboard boat race in Auckland on 27 February at the annual Onehunga Festival. Here participants will vie for titles like best design, fastest boat or best sinking. What have you got to lose?

This is all the bright idea of Aotea Sea Scout leader Stephen Lasham. He has heard of races in the UK and USA but not in NZ so thought the calm lagoon of the Onehunga Bay Reserve was the best host on the day.

"A cardboard boat race can be a lot of fun. Some of the sea scouts have been testing out different models in preparation for the event and have learnt a lot on the way. It is a great team bonding activity and a lot of laughs are exchanged."

Stephen has approached a number of different companies to sponsor the event and has received a variety of prizes not to mention some great trophies made of, you guessed it, cardboard.

For more information on entering the cardboard boat race and to read a comprehensive set of rules please visit our website. Each entry costs $20.

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